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WAS Benson Arts and Crafts Brass Table Lamp with Powell Vaseline Glass Shade.


A superb antique brass Arts and Crafts brass table lamp with Powell vaseline glass shade very much in the style of WAS Benson.


Stylishly designed on 3 large heart shaped pad feet, the lamp resembles a large candle chamberstick with a whiplash style carrying handle and legs and is of excellent quality.


It is completed with a superb vaseline glass shade by Powell of a particularly beautiful colour and deep opalescence which is original to the lamp.


Size: 40cm high x 20.5cm width x 15.5cm depth.


Date: c.1900.


Condition: In excellent untouched original condition retaining its original patina, in full working order and re-wired with black silk braided twist flex ready to install.


WAS Benson Arts and Crafts Brass Table Lamp with Vaseline Glass Shade

SKU: Ref: 10132
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