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Rare John Paul Cooper & Ernest Gimson Arts and Crafts Copper Biscuit Box.

A superb and rare planished Arts and crafts biscuit box by John Paul Cooper and Ernest Gimson.

A collaborative design executed by John Paul Copper at his Birmingham workshop, the design utilises Gimsons spot punched decoration technique on the handles as seen on metalwork by Alfred Bucknell at the Sapperton workshop. There is also an interesting splayed leaf motif to each handle arrangement similar to work seen on Gimsons candle sconces.

The lid has a pearl white ceramic cabochon which is beautifully mounted with a typical Cooper rope work border together with a finely executed leaf detail.

The bulbous main body of the box has a finely chased border of stylised geometric shapes and spot punched star motifs again finished with fine rope work detailing.

This striking biscuit box is a notable and exciting new discovery representing the best of Cooper’s early work and Ernest Gimsons highly regarded design philosophy.

Reference: John Paul Cooper Designer & Maker of the Arts & Crafts movement by Natasha Kuzmanovic Fig 109 and page 111.

Condition: It is in superb original condition retaining its iridized patina of metallic oxides.

Date: Circa 1900

Size: 14cm high

Price: £POA

Rare John Paul Cooper & Ernest Gimson Arts and Crafts Copper Biscuit Box

SKU: JPC2002
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