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A superb antique arts and crafts armchair made from walnut.  A design classic firmly attributed to Edward William Godwin, the 'Godfather of the Modern Movement' and registered by the London furniture maker and retailer James Peddle in on 24th March 1881.


REF: For reference see The Secular Furniture of E.W. Godwin, New York 1999, by Susan Weber Soros page 131 plate 178 for a similar variant.


The chair is stylish, comfortable & ergonomically designed typical of Godwins innovative and advanced design principles.


Size: 108cm high x 58cm wide x 52cm depth.


Circa: 1881.


Condition: In excellent original condition.

E.W. Godwin Walnut Armchair for James Peddle Circa 1881

SKU: Ref: 10247
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