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Dr Christopher Dresser Clutha Glass Vase for Liberty & Co


A Dr Christopher Dresser Clutha Glass Vase made for Liberty & Co by James Couper & Sons Glasgow, Scotland, c. 1895.


Showing rich marbled glass with inclusions and bubbles with typical 'Clutha' pontil retailed by Liberty's of London 16.5cm high.


'Clutha' glass is deliberately bubbled and streaked in daring colours and is permeated with irregular metallic streaks or foils, imitating the effects of Roman and Venetian glass. Vases with elongated slightly bent necks were inspired by Japanese, Persian and Indian water sprinklers acquired by the South Kensington Museum during the 1870s and 1880s. Clutha glass was shown alongside Sowerby's Art Glass at an exhibition organised by the Art Furnishers' Alliance in 1882. The show attracted considerable attention in the press and the Cabinet Maker announced, 'A new kind of glass of English manufacture which in point of artistic merit and originality promises to rival the finest examples of the old Venetian glass-blowers.'  Retailed by Libertys Dresser's 'Clutha' was an old word for the Clyde river.


Dimensions: Height: 16.5cm


Date: Circa 1895


Condition: ln excellent original undamaged condition.  

Dr Christopher Dresser Clutha Glass Vase for Liberty & Co

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