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A E Jones Arts and Crafts Planished Copper Double Inkwell.

A fine quality Arts and Crafts planished copper double inkwell by Albert Edward Jones, complete with its original clear glass liners.


The square section lidded inkwells are incorporated on a rectangular lipped tray and mounted on 6 ball feet. The edges of both the inkwells and tray exhibit simulated fine rope twist bordering detailing utilised on early Birmingham Arts and Crafts metalwork executed by Albert Edward Jones.


The inkwell lids and hinges open and close smoothly and there are no damages or dents and the entire inkwell retains its original rich metallic oxidised patina process patented by A E Jones whilst working at Jesson and Birkett.

Condition: In excellent original condition.

Date:  Circa 1910.

Size: 21cm length x 12cm width.

A E Jones Arts and Crafts Planished Copper Double Inkwell

SKU: Ref: 10233
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