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Superb Arts and Crafts Solid Sterling Silver and Moonstone Chalice by John Paul Cooper for the Artificers Guild.


A beautifully crafted planished solid sterling silver, moonstone set-chalice with lid in highly puritanical arts and crafts guild style by John Paul Cooper for the Artificers Guild.


One of a series of chalices Cooper executed between 1908 and 1915 in medieval designs, the plain flared bowl and base is beautifully contrasted with it's decorative knopped stem featuring 5 beautifully set moonstones and the cover with a finely executed crown detail.


Featuring typical Cooper fine rope twist borders, the chalice is inset with 5 moonstones to the central knop.  Both goblet and lid interiors are gilded.


The chalice was likely to have been executed through Cooper's Birmingham workshops and sold through the Artificers Guild as many of his commissions were.


The chalice measures 14.5cm high by 10cm in diameter and weighs 270g.


The Artificers Guild was originally established by Nelson Dawson along similar lines to Charles Robert Ashbee’s Guild of Handicrafts but quickly changed ownership and from 1902 it’s chief designer became Edward Spencer who took over the firm as a limited company in 1909.


Maker: John Paul Cooper for the Artificers Guild.


Date : c. 1910


Marks: Unmarked


Material: Sterling silver, 5 semi precious moonstones, gilded interior to goblet and lid.


Condition: Excellent original condition.


Size: 14.5 cm high


Weight : 270 grammes


Superb Arts and Crafts Solid Silver and Moonstone Chalice by John Paul Cooper

SKU: Ref: 10196
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