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Important and Monumental John Pearson Arts and Crafts Newlyn School Large Copper Urn/Jardiniere.


An important and monumental John Pearson Arts and Crafts copper urn made at the Newlyn School circa 1894.


Deeply embossed depicting four fully rigged ships each of individual designs with sailors to its upper section with an abundance of fish and aquatic vegetation to its lower section.


The urn has been made in two halves folded and crimped together at its largest circumference and importantly retains its original, rich & beautiful patina.


The urn is one of the most substantial and most profusely decorated examples of Pearson's metalwork known and is both a highlight and celebration of his work and was recently discovered near to Canvey Island in London where Pearson had returned from Newlyn shortly before his death. 


Pearson initially worked as a ceramic artist at William DeMorgan where his depictions of animals, birds, sealife and natural foliage featured in his designs. Having learned metalworking skills at the Home Arts and Industries amateur classes, he became a founder member of the Guild of Handicrafts where he was responsible for metalwork production and design. Unfortunately he contravened Ashbee's work ethics having involvement with private commissions for Morris, Marshall and Faulkener Co. and was duely dismissed. He then moved from London to establish the Newlyn Industrial School to teach metalwork.  


Size: 35cm height x 40cm diameter.


Circa: 1894


Markings: Hammered John Pearson full signature and dated 1894 with model number 2055 to its base.


Condition: In superb condition retaining its original patina.



Important John Pearson Arts and Crafts Newlyn School Large Copper Urn/Jardiniere

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