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William Arthur Smith Benson - The Pioneer Of Modern Lighting Design

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

William Arthur Smith Benson (WAS Benson) is widely regarded as the pioneer of modern lighting design and is best known for his contribution to the Arts and Crafts movement encouraged by his close friends William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones.

A genious of design

A designer and architect by trade, the young WAS Benson was captivated by engineering and machines and embraced the introduction of the new power source 'electricity', which in the 1880's was just starting to become available and transform people's lives. Benson's modern and innovative electric lighting designs, based on 'function rather than ornament', were influential in 'showing how a working class population could furnish their modest homes cheaply but in good taste'.

Examples of Benson's work are highly sought after today, appreciated for the timeless beauty of their raw materials & the perceived simplicity of their design. 

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